Environmental House Regulations
Drachten Internationals 2008

• Drag Race Vereniging eXplosion takes care of her location. This means we take special care of the environment. All teams have to keep their location and the surroundings clean.

• Make sure you place sheets, buckets, bins or other methods of collecting fluids underneath your vehicles. Follow the Environmental Rules as stated in the regulations of KNAF and KNMV. The organisation will rigorously check this. Ground sheets are for sale at the eXplosion stand.

• Please throw garbage in the garbage bins placed for that purpose. Preferably use garbage bags.

• Out of garbage bags? A limited amount of garbage bags is available at the stand of eXplosion. These are only to be used during the event for garbage disposal.

• Garbage containers are spread over the terrain. Please look around to find your nearest garbage container.

• Please take chemical garbage such as slicks, accu’s and used oil with you. Leaving it will lead to substantial costs at the expense of eXplosion.

• Don’t leave household effects or other peculiar garbage behind. In the past we found fridges, furniture and the strangest other things. Take this special garbage with you. Otherwise Explosion has to pay disposal costs.

• Not complying with this house regulations and / or not following indications of officials can lead to disciplinary punishment. Immediate elimination from the terrain and exclusion from further participation is considered the minimum punishment.