• When arriving do not immediately drive to your (regular) spot. Wait for someone to show the exact spot (see terrain outline and indication of officials).

• You should wear the right wrist band to be allowed in the Line-up and Start Area.People without this wrist band are not allowed in. We will have stringent checks.

• In Sportsman Class a maximum of two people is allowed in the stratbox. Others stay in the Line-up area. Only 1 person is allowed to help the driver to the start line.

• Protests only to be handed in in writing at the shed with payment of the protest moneys mentioned in article 18. Other forms of protest will not be handled. Individual protests should be submitted by the driver, protests regarding the class should be submitted by the class representative.

• Inspectors and Officials should be treated with respect.

• Inspectors have the authority to inspect vehicles closer at the Line Up.

• Follow instructions from Line Up Officials and Start Officials. They make it possible to realise a good and tight schedule.

• Children up and including 16 year old are not allowed in the Start Box. They can take place in pursue cars when applicable.

• After qualification it is prohibited for everyone to enter the race way.

• Please bring trailers, car ambulances and other transport vehicles to the spot created for them. Do not leave them in the paddock because of space limitations.

• Every team is obliged to have a fire extinguisher stand-by in the pits near the vehicle. This will be checked thoroughly during the event.

• Not complying with this house regulations and / or not following indications of officials can lead to disciplinary punishment. Immediate elimination from the terrain and exclusion from further participation is considered the minimum punishment.


• Every class will be called three times. These calls all have their own function:
– First call: Drivers should prepare for leaving. For the time being, stay at your spot. First call is approximately three quarters before the runs.
– Second call: Go to the Line Up. Formation of Line Up is started. Please don’t be late. Second call is approximately half an hour before the runs.
– Third call: Everyone should be in Line Up. The class should be ready for start. Third call is approximately one quarter before the runs.
– Being in Line-up in time is your own responsibility. So listen closely to the announcements and keep an eye on your fellow drivers.

• No smoking is allowed in Line-Up and Start Area.

• It is not allowed to wear shorts, sandals, flip-flops or other clothing which leaves the lower part of the body uncovered in the Start Area.

• Startnumbers should be clearly visible and readable on the left side of the vehicle.
Unreadable or unclear startnumbers are a cause of delay in the programme.