Vanaf 1 januari 2010 zal het merk Pontiac niet meer op de auto’s prijken uit de GM-stallen. Helaas, jammer.
Maar dat zal hardcore Pontiac liefhebbers niet doen terugdeinzen een echte (nagenoeg) 2010 Pontiac Trans Am voor de deur te willen hebben staan.


De eind jaren ’60 Pontiac’s deelden al bijna al het plaatwerk met de Chevrolet Camaro, en dat zal nu niet veel anders zijn.
Trans Am Depot zal body-kits aanbieden die de huidige Camaro’s omtoveren in heuse “Screamin’ Chicken” Trans Am-modellen/ Gebaseerd op Kevin Morgans originele ontwerp(en), de Phoenix Trans Ambody kits zullen tentoon gesteld worden tijdens de 2009 Trans Am Nationals.


Press Release

Phoenix T/A

Like its mythical namesake that rose from the ashes to a new life, the Trans Am of yesteryear has been born again… the Phoenix T/A. If it is true that good things come to those who wait, then we have surely been rewarded for our patience.

Trans Am Depot is pleased to announce our partnership with designer Kevin Morgan in turning a three-year dream into reality. We, like many of you, have lusted over Kevin’s retro interpretation of the ’77 – ’78 Trans Am based on the 2010 Camaro platform. We began early last year discussing the idea of how we might work together to bring this vision to life.

Phoenix T/A Currently, we are completing a one-off Kevin Morgan “Trans Am” Concept, which we intend to unveil at the 2009 Trans Am Nationals. The concept will be followed by the first production conversion later this year. It will vary from the concept car but will be an exact version of the conversion kits we will hope to be offering this fall. We are working closely with a Detroit auto design firm to bring this kit to market. We will be offering everything from the body conversion only to the limited Phoenix Edition. The kits will be available as an installed conversion only. Order details, pricing and delivery information will be coming soon. If you are interested in having a conversion performed on your Camaro or purchasing a turn-key conversion from Trans Am Depot,